Cancellation Policy

Confirmation & Cancellation Policy:

Tyneale books aside time specifically to take care of you, please be mindful of this courtesy if you need to cancel your appointment. Tyneale has been very lenient where cancellations are concerned for many years and unfortunately will now be forced to enforce the below cancellation policy.


Tyneale is mindful that traffic can cause delays, please if you are running late or lost phone Tyneale on 0421 194 007. Once your appointment has reached 10mins past your booked time Tyneale will contact you, if you can not be reached after 20mins past your booked time it will be assumed that you no longer wish to have your appointment and a 100% cancelation fee applies. Should you then wish to book any future appointments full payment will be required in advance for you to book.


You will be contacted by your preferred method of contact the week of your appointment to confirm the date, time, location and requirements of your appointment as provided by you at the time of booking, which you doneed to respond too. Tyneale will attempt to contact you 3 times on the details you provide, should you not respond it will be assumed that you no longer wish to keep your appointment and a 100% Cancellation Fee will apply. If you can no longer keep your appointment please contact Tyneale in advance to avoid being charged a Cancellation Fee (Tyneale must be contacted 1 day before your appointment for a cancellation to avoid any cancellation fees).


Wedding bookings require a minimum of 4 weeks notice prior for cancellation or adjustment of numbers, if you choose to cancel or reduce booked numbers within this time you will still be required to pay for all cancelled services (you are most welcome to find other family/guests etc to take the spots). If your Wedding is postponed we will hold your non-refundable Booking Fee/Deposit and transfer it to your new date if it is available. If your new date is unavailable you will unfortunately not be refunded your Booking Fee/Deposit.

*No notice of cancellation; 100% Cancellation Fee applies

All other Booking Information will be supplied to you upon your enquiry.

If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian will be required to make your booking and deposit payment on your behalf.


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