Airbrush vs Traditional

There is a basic difference between the two methods of application, ones is misted onto the skin and the other is hand applied. Elementtwo (silicone based formula) is the foundation of choice for Airbrush application. This product has a beautiful, silky finish on the skin, feeling so light that it could be a second skin. This offers a ‘smudge proof, budge proof and tear proof’ application when correctly maintained and is designed to have a 12 hour+ wear time. This product is best suited to combination/normal, reddened and acne skin conditions, as it delicately mimics the skins surface it will not aggrovate a sensitive skin (often accompanied with acne and red skin conditions).

If the texture of your skin is a concern, Traditional application will leave a more favourable and flawless finish.

Traditional application offers a soft dewy finish on the skin and has a variety of coverages options depending on your preference. . Best suited to an oily (lightly powdering from time to time to remove shine) dry and textured skin.

Pigmentation, scarring or bruising is more easily covered by Airbrush application due to the limited contact with the skin (misted onto the skin).


What are your thoughts?

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